Scientia Marina, Vol 62, No 3 (1998)

Plectranthias lamillai, a new Anthiine fish species (Perciformes, Serranidae) from the Juan Fernández Archipelago, Chile

José Rodrigo Rojas M.
Instituto de Zoología, “Ernst F. Kilian”, Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile

Germán Pequeño R.
Instituto de Zoología, “Ernst F. Kilian”, Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile


Plectranthias lamillai new species, is described and illustrated as a new anthiine serranid fish from Alejandro Selkirk Island, the westernmost island of the Juan Fernández Archipelago, about 700 km west of Chile at 33°45´S, 80°51´W. The following combination of characters distinguishes it from all other serranids: dorsal fin rays X,16; principal caudal-fin rays 17 (8+9); pectoral-fin rays 16; gillrakers 28 (8+20); tubed lateral-line scales 40-41; 10 rows of scales on cheek; maxilla narrow and rounded; posterior margin of bony opercle with three spinous processes, the middle one largest; subopercle 2-6 small serrae; pseudobranch with 24 filaments; circumpeduncular scales 16; pelvic fin inserted beneath base of pectoral fin, the tip reaching a vertical through base of tenth dorsal-fin spine, falling short of the anus; a broad red bar from sixth dorsal-fin spine to base of fifth ray, extending to anus and above anal fin as a narrow band that widens on the peduncle and then bifurcates over the upper and lower margins of the caudal fin; rest of the caudal fin yellowish. Pectoral fins orange; pelvic and anal fins whitish.

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