Scientia Marina, Vol 72, No 2 (2008)

A new species of Curidia (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Ochlesidae) from northeastern Brazil

Jesser Fidelis de Souza-Filho
Museu Nacional, Departamento de Invertebrados, Brazil

Cristiana S. Serejo
Museu Nacional, Departamento de Invertebrados, Brazil


A new species of Curidia from the Fernando de Noronha Chain (located off the northeastern Brazilian coast), and the continental shelf of Bahia State is described. Curidia wakabarae n. sp. is similar to C. debrogania Thomas, 1983 and C. magellanica Coleman and Barnard, 1991 in the maxillipedal palp, which is slender and has a long apical seta extending beyond the outer plate. It does, however, differ from these species in article 1 of antenna 1 not reaching the end of article 3, the ventrodistal acute process of article 2 extending to 1/5 of first flagellar article 1, the absence of a posterodorsal acute carina on pereonite 7, and the apically rounded telson. This is the first record of Ochlesidae from the northeast Brazilian coast. A world key of the known Curidia species is given.


taxonomy; Amphipoda; Ochlesidae; new taxa; Brazil; Fernando de Noronha Chain; Rocas Atoll; REVIZEE Program

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