Scientia Marina, Vol 70, No 2 (2006)

Morphology of the first zoeal stage of Portunus acuminatus, Stimpson, 1871 (Decapoda: Portunidae: Portuninae) reared in the laboratory

Ronald Meyer
Zoologische Staatssammlung, Münchhausenstr.

Ingo S. Wehrtmann
Universidad de Costa Rica, Escuela de Biología, Museo de Zoología, Costa Rica

Roland R. Melzer
Zoologische Staatssammlung, Münchhausenstr.


Larvae of Portunus acuminatus (Stimpson, 1871) from one female, collected by trawling at a depth of 12 m in the Gulf of Nicoya, Pacific Costa Rica, Central America (090°48.899’N, 084°40.498’W) were hatched in the laboratory. The morphology of zoea I is described and illustrated for the first time and compared with known zoeae of other portunid species belonging to the subfamily Portuninae. We present a combination of three features which allows zoea I larvae of P. acuminatus to be distinguished from other described larvae of the genus. Descriptions are based on dissected larvae analysed by SEM and light microscopy.


arval morphology; zoea; description; scanning electron microscope; Portunidae; Costa Rica

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