Meio- and macrofauna in the marine area of the Monte St. Bartolo Natural Park (Central Adriatic Sea, Italy)


  • Federica Semprucci Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, della Vita e dell’Ambiente (DiSTeVA), Università di Urbino
  • Fabrizio Frontalini Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, della Vita e dell’Ambiente (DiSTeVA), Università di Urbino
  • Anabella Covazzi-Harriague Dipartimento per lo Studio del Territorio e delle sue Risorse (Dip.Te.Ris.), Università di Genova
  • Rodolfo Coccioni Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, della Vita e dell’Ambiente (DiSTeVA), Università di Urbino
  • Maria Balsamo Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, della Vita e dell’Ambiente (DiSTeVA), Università di Urbino



benthic community, biodiversity, Monte St. Bartolo Regional Natural Park, Adriatic Sea


This paper presents an integrated investigation of benthic foraminiferal, meiofaunal and macrofaunal assemblages that was carried out in front of the marine area of the Monte St. Bartolo Regional Natural Park (Adriatic Sea, Italy). Although this area is not yet subject to conservation plans, an overall good quality status of its benthic assemblages was documented. In particular, the assemblages were somewhat diversified and generally minimally to moderately affected by anthropogenic activities. Both the foraminifera and macrofauna seemed to be primarily influenced by variations in the habitat’s features, whereas significant changes in the meiofaunal assemblage were related more to trophic supply fluctuations. These data suggest the potential vulnerability of this area and highlight the importance of defining and applying an appropriate integrated zone management plan.


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