Reproduction and nutritional values of the edible limpet Nacella magellanica (Gastropoda: Patellogastropoda)




marine gastropods, fishery resources, biochemical composition, reproduction, limpets


Nacella magellanica is an edible limpet that has been consumed since pre-Hispanic times by human populations along the coasts of Patagonia, but studies of its nutritional value and reproduction are not yet available. We investigated the reproductive cycle and the seasonal variation in the nutritional composition (proteins, lipids and carbohydrates) of the whole body of this limpet in order to analyse some aspects of its importance as a formal fishery resource. Throughout a single year, the spawning period extended over all months except June in males, while females spawned from late winter to spring, with an increase from August to November. The nutritional data obtained for N. magellanica are within the ranges of widely consumed species of molluscs, with annual average values of 29.8% proteins, 2.7% lipids and 1.8% carbohydrates. The best nutritional values for human consumption (highest concentration of proteins, body weight), avoiding the reproductive period, were found in April but taking into account the minimum size of capture. Our results are useful for increasing the policies aimed at managing this abundant edible limpet as a formal resource, since it is widely consumed in southern South America.


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