State of knowledge of the Corallinales (Rhodophyta) of Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic Peninsula


  • María Laura Mendoza Centro Austral de Investigaciones Científicas, CADIC - CONICET



Corallinales (Rhodophyta), Tierra del Fuego, Antarctic Peninsula


Corallinales (Rhodophyta) in Tierra del Fuego are abundant, with 9 genera, 17 species and 1 subspecies. Pseudolithophyllum with 1 species (P. fueguianum), which represents 35.8% of the coralline algae, is dominant. The genera Parahydrolithon with 4 species (P. consociatum, P. discoideum, P. falklandicum, P. subantarcticum) and 20%, Lithothamnion with 3 species (Lt. heterocladum, Lt. rugosum, Lt. granuliferum) and 17.5%, and Synarthrophyton with 3 species (S. neglectum, S. patena, S. schmitzii) and 12% share are abundant. Clathromorphum with 4 species (Cl. annulatum, Cl. lemoineanum, Cl. obtectulum, Cl. Variabile) and a share of 5.8%, and Mesophyllum with 1 species (M. fueguianum) and a share of 4.9% are frequent. The remaining three genera, Bossiella with 1 subspecies (B. orbigniana ssp. orbigniana), Corallina with 2 species (C. elongata, C. officinalis) (1.1%), and Titanoderna with 1 species (T. conspectum) (1%) are scarce. C. officinalis is a cosmopolitan, and the other geniculate corallines are found in both hemispheres, whereas the crustose coralline occur only in the southern hemisphere. The characteristic vertical distribution of the species in the intertidal and subtidal zone of Tierra del Fuego is given. The Corallinales in the Antarctic Region are poorly known and need further investigation.


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