The effect of protection on fish populations in the Ses Negres Marine Reserve (NW Mediterranean, Spain)


  • Marc Rius Departament de Biologia Animal, Facultat de Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona.



Ses Negres, MPA, rocky fish, NW Mediterranean, reserve effect


This work is the result of a 3-year monitoring programme for assessing the effect that the Ses Negres marine reserve has had on fish populations. Species richness (based on fish species that are considered to be reserve effect indicators), and the size structure of 4 species vulnerable to angling and spear fishing were studied by visual censuses conducted both inside and outside the marine reserve. Analysis of fish populations inside the reserve showed a reserve effect (larger sizes, higher abundance and richer fish assemblages) when compared to the non-reserve sites, especially by the end of the study period. The results highlight the importance of marine reserves for the recovery of fish populations. Future management plans are discussed for this marine reserve.


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