Colonisation of the eastern Mediterranean by Red Sea cumaceans, with the description of a new species


  • Jordi Corbera
  • Bella S. Galil National Institute of Oceanography, Israel



Cumacea, Scherocumella, Eocuma, new species, alien, Erythrean invaders, Red Sea, Mediterranean


In samples collected in the course of the national monitoring programme, two interesting cumacean species were collected on the shallow bottoms (6-14 m) of Haifa Bay, Israel. Scherocumella gurneyi, previously known from the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, is recorded for the first time in the Mediterranean Sea. Eocuma rosae is described as a species new to science. Diagnostic characters such as its flattened carapace bearing a sharp marginal carina, the pair of anteriorlycurved acute horns and the pair of dorsal carinae, place E. rosae with other species of the same genus known from the Indo- Pacific Ocean. It is suggested it entered the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal.  


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