Condition of Gobius cobitis (Pallas, 1811) juveniles in the Mar Menor coastal lagoon (SE Iberian Peninsula): Effects of inter- and intraspecific fish competition


  • David Verdiell-Cubedo Department of Zoology, University of Murcia
  • Francisco J. Oliva-Paterna Department of Zoology, University of Murcia
  • Mar Torralva Department of Zoology, University of Murcia



somatic condition, mass-length relationship, environmental assessment, fish competition effects


We investigated the relationships, at a local level, between fish condition and environmental variables in Gobius cobitis juveniles. The relationships between 14 ecological variables of shallow areas of the Mar Menor coastal lagoon (water temperature, water salinity, depth, submerged vegetation richness, submerged vegetation cover, submerged vegetation volume, substrate size, substrate heterogeneity, fish species richness, potential competitor fish species abundance and biomass, G. cobitis abundance and biomass, G. cobitis biomass/abundance ratio) and fish condition were analysed. The mass-length relationship of juveniles was used to test differences in fish condition between 12 sampling sites. The ecological variables that accounted for most of the variation in fish condition were related to both inter- and intraspecific fish competition.


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