Revision and redescription of the species previously included in the genus Amphilaphis Studer and Wright in Studer, 1887 (Octocorallia: Primnoidae)


  • Rebeca Zapata-Guardiola Departamento de Fisiología y Zoología, Facultad de Biología, Universidad de Sevilla
  • Pablo J. López-González Departamento de Fisiología y Zoología, Facultad de Biología, Universidad de Sevilla



Cnidaria, new genus, new subgenus, Faxiella, Primnocapsa, Thouarella


The taxonomy of the primnoid genus Amphilaphis Studer and Wright in Studer, 1887 has been in a confused state for a long time and a revision of the species included in that genus has become a necessity. We have revised and redescribed the species previously included in the genus using up-to-date technology, such as polyp and sclerite images obtained with scanning electron microscopy (SEM). As a result of this study, because the type species of Amphilaphis is actually a Thouarella species, we consider the genus Amphilaphis to be no longer valid. One of the species previously considered in Amphilaphis has a set of morphological characters that are not recognizable in any of the current primnoid genera. Primnocapsa n. gen. has a dichotomous branching pattern, polyps placed singly, in spirals around the branchlets, 8 opercular scales with the inner surface keeled and with 2 mounds basally and 8 marginal scales offset from the operculars. The new genus is described and illustrated. Moreover, one of the re-examined species has been included in a new subgenus, Faxiella n. subgen. of Plumarella Gray, 1870 because it has polyps placed in pairs. Finally, the remaining re-examined species have been included in the genus Thouarella Gray, 1870, one of the most specious primnoid genera.


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