Deep-water fishing tactics of the Spanish fleet in the Northeast Atlantic. Seasonal and spatial distribution


  • Antonio Punzón Instituto Español de Oceanografía
  • Alberto Serrano Instituto Español de Oceanografía
  • José Castro Instituto Español de Oceanografía
  • Esther Abad Instituto Español de Oceanografía
  • Juan Gil Instituto Español de Oceanografía
  • Pilar Pereda Instituto Español de Oceanografía



Northeast Atlantic, métiers, fisheries, deep sea, trawl, longline, multivariate


The classification and identification of all the Spanish fishing activity targeting deep-sea species was conducted using a non-hierarchical classification technique designed for large matrices (CLARA). Otter trawl and set longlines were the main gears used in deep-sea ecosystems. The otter trawl fleet conducted 3 deep-sea fishing tactics. The only otter trawl fishing tactic targeting deep-sea species was that working in the VI ICES Division and targeting Alepocephalus baiirdi. The other 2 otter trawl fishing tactics targeted shallower shelf demersal resources, deep-sea species being secondary (Phycis blennoides). The longline fleet carried out 7 fishing tactics targeting deep-sea species (Molva spp.; deep water sharks; P. blennoides; Pagellus bogaraveo; and Trichiuridae) and 2 fishing tactics targeting Conger conger, which perform as deep-sea fishing tactics in the narrow continental shelf area. This classification, together with knowledge regarding their seasonal performance and spatial distribution, may help to design fisheries sampling protocols and to improve the management of these fleets, thus reducing their impact on deep-sea habitats.


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