Reproductive biology of Neorossia caroli (Cephalopoda: Sepiolidae) in the Aegean Sea


  • Alp Salman Ege University, Faculty of Fisheries



Neorossia caroli, fecundity, reproductive biology, Aegean Sea


A total of 171 specimens of Neorossia caroli were collected by monthly sampling using a bottom trawl with 44-mm mesh size. The depth range of trawls varied between 150 and 550 m. The maximum size (dorsal mantle length, ML) was 41 mm for males and 50 mm for females. Seasonal gonadal stages of both sexes were examined using a gonadosomatic index. It has been observed that the pattern of ovulation of N. caroli is asynchronous and that spawning is continuous. The potential fecundity of females ranged between 317 and 685 oocytes (mean 548). As for males, the number of spermatophores per individual varied between 50 and 71 (mean 61). The smallest female with mature oocytes in the oviduct was 36 mm ML, while the smallest mature male with spermatophores was 20 mm ML. A peak in maturity was observed between July and September. Females appeared to reach larger sizes than males.


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