Biodiversity of shallow-water brachiopods from New Caledonia, SW Pacific, with description of a new species


  • Maria Aleksandra Bitner Institute of Paleobiology, Polish Academy of Sciences



recent brachiopods, biogeography, shallow water, New Caledonia, southwest Pacific, taxonomy, new species


Twelve species of recent brachiopods belonging to the genera Lingula, Discradisca, Novocrania, Xenobrochus, Eucalathis, Frenulina, Argyrotheca, Campages, Thecidellina and Lacazella were identified in samples collected during shallow-water cruises around New Caledonia, southwest Pacific. Six genera, Lingula, Xenobrochus, Eucalathis, Frenulina, Campages and Thecidellina, have been already reported from the New Caledonian region, while four genera, Discradisca, Novocrania, Argyrotheca and Lacazella are the first records from this region. Additionally, Discradisca stella is the first discinid brachiopod recognized in the New Caledonia area. One new species is described, the megathyridid Argyrotheca neocaledonensis n. sp. The biogeographical affinities of the New Caledonia brachiopod faunas are briefly discussed.


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