Issue Title
Vol 73, No 1 (2009) Chaetognath spatial distribution and how egg-carrying affects the vertical distribution of Sagitta tasmanica off southern Chile Abstract  PDF
Francisco Villenas, Sergio Palma, Daniela Soto
Vol 69, No 2 (2005) Dynamics of the Namibian hake fleet and management connotations: application of the ideal free distribution Abstract  PDF
Elizabeth Voges, Ana Gordoa, John G. Field
Vol 74, No 1 (2010) Ecology of megabenthic bivalve communities from sandy beaches on the south coast of Portugal Abstract  PDF
Marta M. Rufino, Miguel B. Gaspar, Alexandre M. Pereira, Francesc Maynou, Carlos C. Monteiro
Vol 78, No 3 (2014) Horizontal and vertical distributions of siphonophores in relation to oceanographic conditions in Chilean Patagonian fjords Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Sergio Palma, María Cristina Retamal, Nelson Silva, Claudio Silva
Vol 70, No 3 (2006) Use of commercial vessels in survey augmentation: the size-frequency distribution Abstract  PDF
Eric N. Powell
Vol 73, No S1 (2009) The influence of different salinity conditions on egg buoyancy and development and yolk sac larval survival and morphometric traits of Baltic Sea sprat (Sprattus sprattus balticus Schneider) Abstract  PDF
Christoph Petereit, Hans Harald Hinrichsen, Rüdiger Voss, Gerd Kraus, Marko Freese, Catriona Clemmesen
Vol 71, No 3 (2007) Relationships between deep-water polychaete fauna and environmental factors in the southeastern Gulf of California, Mexico Abstract  PDF
Nuria Méndez
Vol 76, No 1 (2012) Comparative analysis of depth distribution for seventeen large pelagic fish species captured in a longline fishery in the central-eastern Pacific Ocean Abstract  PDF
Jiangfeng Zhu, Liuxiong Xu, Xiaojie Dai, Xinjun Chen, Yong Chen
Vol 81, No 4 (2017) Arnoglossus nigrofilamentosus n. sp., a new species of flounder (Teleostei: Bothidae) from off the Mediterranean coast of Israel, probably a new case of Lessepsian migration Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Ronald Fricke, Daniel Golani, Brenda Appelbaum-Golani
Vol 71, No 1 (2007) Hydromedusae (Cnidaria) of the Chilean southern channels (from the Corcovado Gulf to the Pulluche-Chacabuco Channels) Abstract  PDF
Sergio Palma, Pedro Apablaza, Nelson Silva
Vol 76, No 1 (2012) Role of food availability in the bathymetric distribution of the starfish Marthasterias glacialis (Lamk.) on reefs of northern Portugal Abstract  PDF
Fernando Tuya, Pedro Duarte
Vol 81, No 3 (2017) The genus Alvania (Gastropoda: Rissoidae) along the Turkish Aegean coast with the description of a new species Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Banu Bitlis, Bilal Öztürk
Vol 71, No 1 (2007) Decapod crustacean assemblages off the West coast of central Italy (western Mediterranean) Abstract  PDF
Emanuela Fanelli, Francesco Colloca, Giandomenico Ardizzone
Vol 78, No 4 (2014) Mollusca from a species-rich deep-water Leptometra community in the Alboran Sea Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Serge Gofas, Carmen Salas, José Luis Rueda, Jesús Canoura, Carlos Farias, Juan Gil
Vol 75, No 4 (2011) Elasmobranch spatial segregation in the western Mediterranean Abstract  PDF
Adam Gouraguine, Manuel Hidalgo, Joan Moranta, David M. Bailey, Francesc Ordines, Beatriz Guijarro, María Valls, Carmen Barberá, Aina De Mesa
Vol 81, No 3 (2017) Sea pen (Pennatulacea) aggregations on the northern Spanish shelf: distribution and faunal assemblages Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Susana Ruiz-Pico, Alberto Serrano, Antonio Punzón, Álvaro Altuna, Olaya Fernández-Zapico, Francisco Velasco
Vol 71, No 1 (2007) Spatial distribution, density, and relative growth of Microphrys bicornutus (Latreille, 1826) (Brachyura: Majidae) in five biotopes in a Thalassia complex Abstract  PDF
Carlos A. Carmona-Suárez
Vol 75, No 3 (2011) Larval fish assemblages in coastal waters of central Greece: reflections of topographic and oceanographic heterogeneity Abstract  PDF
Stylianos Somarakis, Stamatina Isari, Athanassios Machias
Vol 81, No 3 (2017) Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) otoliths reveal growth differences between two areas of the Spanish Mediterranean Sea Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Ana Ventero, Magdalena Iglesias, Begoña Villamor
Vol 73, No 3 (2009) Use of hierarchical designs to detect scales of heterogeneity in the invasive species Sargassum muticum Abstract  PDF
Celia Olabarria, Francesca Rossi, Ivan F. Rodil, Patricia Quintas, Jesús S. Troncoso
Vol 77, No 2 (2013) Spatial dynamics of the red grouper Epinephelus morio (Pisces: Serranidae) on the Campeche Bank, Gulf of Mexico Abstract  PDF
Jorge A. López-Rocha, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez
Vol 66, No 2 (2002) Krill of the Ross Sea: distribution, abundance and demography of Euphausia superba and Euphausia crystallorophias during the Italian Antarctic Expedition (January-February 2000) Abstract  PDF
Antonello Sala, Massimo Azzali, Aniello Russo
Vol 80, No S1 (2016) Variability of mesozooplankton biomass and individual size in a coast-offshore transect in the Catalan Sea: relationships with chlorophyll a and hydrographic features Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Miquel Alcaraz, Albert Calbet, Stamatina Isari, Xabier Irigoien, Isabel Trepat, Enric Saiz
Vol 73, No 1 (2009) Density, size structure, shell orientation and epibiontic colonization of the fan mussel Pinna nobilis L. 1758 (Mollusca: Bivalvia) in three contrasting habitats in an estuarine area of Sardinia (W Mediterranean) Abstract  PDF
Piero Addis, Marco Secci, Gianni Brundu, Andrea Manunza, Stefano Corrias, Angelo Cau
Vol 74, No 4 (2010) First record of the Indo-Pacific fish the Jarbua terapon (Terapon jarbua) (Osteichthyes: Terapontidae) in the Mediterranean with remarks on the wide geographical distribution of this species Abstract  PDF
Daniel Golani, Brenda Appelbaum-Golani
Vol 82, No 3 (2018) Scorpaena decemradiata new species (Teleostei: Scorpaenidae) from the Gulf of Aqaba, northern Red Sea, a species distinct from Scorpaena porcus Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Ronald Fricke, Daniel Golani, Brenda Appelbaum-Golani, Uwe Zajonz
Vol 74, No 3 (2010) Influence of the genetic structure of the red and blue shrimp, Aristeus antennatus (Risso, 1816), on the sustainability of a deep-sea population along a depth gradient in the western Mediterranean Abstract  PDF
Francisco Sardà, María Inés Roldán, Sandra Heras, Ferruccio Maltagliati
Vol 76, No 1 (2012) New data on the distribution and size composition of the North Pacific spiny dogfish Squalus suckleyi (Girard, 1854) Abstract  PDF
Alexei M. Orlov, Vadim F. Savinykh, Eugeny F. Kulish, Dmitry V. Pelenev
Vol 73, No S1 (2009) What can size distributions within cohorts tell us about ecological processes in fish larvae? Abstract  PDF
Arild Folkvord, Øyvind Fiksen, Hans Høie, Arne Johannessen, Erling Otterlei, Knut Wiik Vollset
Vol 70, No 4 (2006) Spatial distribution of fiddler crabs (Genus Uca) in a tropical mangrove of northeast Brazil Abstract  PDF
Luis Ernesto Arruda Bezerra, Carolina Braga Dias, Givanildo Ximenes Santana, Helena Matthews-Cascon
Vol 73, No S1 (2009) Small scale distribution patterns and vertical migration of North Sea herring larvae (Clupea harengus, Teleostei: Clupeidea) in relation to abiotic and biotic factors Abstract  PDF
Holger Haslob, Norbert Rohlf, Dietrich Schnack
Vol 78, No 2 (2014) Vertical and horizontal larval distribution of an offshore brachyuran crab, Monodaeus couchii, off the south coast of Portugal Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Patricia N. Pochelon, Antonina dos Santos, A. Miguel P. Santos, Henrique Queiroga
Vol 75, No 3 (2011) Community structure of benthic macroinvertebrates inhabiting a highly stratified Mediterranean estuary Abstract  PDF
Alfonso Nebra, Nuno Caiola, Carles Ibáñez
Vol 73, No 4 (2009) A highly diverse molluscan assemblage associated with eelgrass beds (Zostera marina L.) in the Alboran Sea: Micro-habitat preference, feeding guilds and biogeographical distribution Abstract  PDF
José L. Rueda, Serge Gofas, Javier Urra, Carmen Salas
Vol 78, No 2 (2014) Species richness and distribution patterns of echinoderms in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean (34-56°S) Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Valeria Souto, Mariana Escolar, Gabriel Genzano, Claudia Bremec
Vol 75, No 3 (2011) Deep sea megafaunal assemblages off the northern Iberian slope related to environmental factors Abstract  PDF
Alberto Serrano, Francisco Sánchez, Antonio Punzón, Francisco Velasco, Ignacio Olaso
Vol 70, No 2 (2006) Zooplankton and ichthyoplankton distribution on the southern Brazilian shelf: an overview Abstract  PDF
Rubens M. Lopes, Mario Katsuragawa, June F. Dias, Mónica A. Montú, José H. Muelbert, Charles Gorri, Frederico P. Brandini
Vol 77, No 4 (2013) Turbulence as a driver for vertical plankton distribution in the subsurface upper ocean Abstract  PDF
Diego Macías, Ángel Rodríguez-Santana, Eduardo Ramírez-Romero, Miguel Bruno, Josep L. Pelegrí, Pablo Sangrà, Borja Aguiar-González, Carlos M. García
Vol 75, No 2 (2011) A field experiment on the reproductive success of the invasive clam Mya arenaria (Bivalvia) in the Tagus estuary: coexistence with the native clam Scrobicularia plana Abstract  PDF
Anxo Conde, Júlio M. Novais, Jorge Domínguez
Vol 70, No 2 (2006) Vertical distribution and trophic structure of the macrozooplankton in a shallow temperate estuary (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal) Abstract  PDF
Fernando M. Morgado, Ramiro Pastorinho, Carla Quintaneiro, Pedro Ré
Vol 73, No 3 (2009) Spatial patterns in the population structure of the whelk Stramonita haemastoma (Linnaeus, 1766) (Gastropoda: Muricidae) in the Canarian Archipelago (eastern Atlantic) Abstract  PDF
Rubén Ramírez, Fernando Tuya, Ricardo J. Haroun
Vol 70, No 1 (2006) Horizontal distribution of tintinnids in the open waters of the South Adriatic (Eastern Mediterranean) Abstract  PDF
Frano Krsinic, Branka Grbec
Vol 68, No 4 (2004) Composition and distribution of benthic molluscs on intertidal flats of Paranaguá Bay (Paraná, Brazil) Abstract  PDF
Guisla Boehs, Theresinha Monteiro Absher, Andrea da Cruz-Kaled
Vol 77, No 2 (2013) On the use of biomass size spectra linear adjustments to design ecosystem indicators Abstract  PDF
Paúl Gómez-Canchong, José M. Blanco, Renato A. Quiñones
Vol 76, No 4 (2012) Spatial distribution patterns and population structure of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea), in the coastal fishery of western Sardinia: a geostatistical analysis Abstract  PDF
Piero Addis, Marco Secci, Alberto Angioni, Angelo Cau
Vol 64, No S1 (2000) Parallel, paedomorphic evolutionary processes of the bivalve-inhabiting hydrozoans (Leptomedusae, Eirenidae) deduced from the morphology, life cycle and biogeography, with special reference to taxonomic treatment of Eugymnanthea Abstract  PDF
Shin Kubota
Vol 71, No 3 (2007) Observations on the population characteristics of Apionsoma (Apionsoma) misakianum (Sipuncula: Phascolosomatidae), a new species for the Mediterranean fauna Abstract  PDF
Sermin Açik
Vol 80, No 3 (2016) New records of the genera Leptogorgia, Pacifigorgia and Eugorgia (Octocorallia: Gorgoniidae) from Ecuador, with a description of a new species Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
María del Mar Soler-Hurtado, Annie Machordom, Jesús Muñoz, Pablo J. López-González
Vol 71, No 3 (2007) Demersal and epibenthic assemblages of trawlable grounds in the northern Alboran Sea (western Mediterranean) Abstract  PDF
Esther Abad, Izaskun Preciado, Alberto Serrano, Jorge Baro
Vol 80, No 2 (2016) Characterization of the spawning area of tuna species on the northern Tunisian coasts Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Wael Koched, Francisco Alemany, Benmessaoud Rimel, Abdallah Hattour
Vol 80, No 1 (2016) Life-history strategies of a conspicuous reef fish, the Canary damsel Similiparma lurida (Pomacentridae) in the northeastern Atlantic Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Antonio M. García-Mederos, Fernando Tuya, Víctor M. Tuset
Vol 64, No S1 (2000) The effects of exposure to wave action on the distribution and morphology of the epiphytic hydrozoans Clava multicornis and Dynamena pumila Abstract  PDF
Sergi Rossi, Josep Maria Gili, R. G. Hugues
Vol 67, No 4 (2003) Microsatellite variation in the Mexican rockfish Sebastes macdonaldi Abstract  PDF
Axayácatl Rocha-Olivares, Raul A. Leal-Navarro, Karol Kimbrell, Eric A. Lynn, Russell D. Vetter
Vol 64, No S1 (2000) Morphology and distribution of a deep-water Narcomedusa (Solmarisidae) from the northeast Pacific Abstract  PDF
Mary Needler Arai, Michael J. Cavey, Beverley A. Moore
Vol 67, No S1 (2003) Integrative fish stock assessment by frequentist methods: confidence distributions and likelihoods for bowhead whales Abstract  PDF
Tore Schweder
Vol 65, No 4 (2001) Algal cover and sea urchin spatial distribution at Madeira Island (NE Atlantic) Abstract  PDF
Filipe M. A. Alves, Luís M. Chícharo, Ester Serrao, Antonio D. Abreu
Vol 65, No 4 (2001) Spatial distribution of annelids in the intertidal zone in Sao Sebastiao Channel, Brazil Abstract  PDF
Alexandra E. Rizzo, A. Cecilia Z. Amaral
Vol 66, No S2 (2002) Distribution of Mullus barbatus and M. surmuletus (Osteichthyes: Perciformes) in the Mediterranean continental shelf: implications for management Abstract  PDF
George Tserpes, Fabio Fiorentino, Dino Levi, Angelo Cau, Matteo Murenu, Ada Zamboni, Costas Papaconstantinou
Vol 63, No 3-4 (1999) The ecology of and fishery for Coryphaena spp. in the waters around Australia and New Zealand Abstract  PDF
Michael J. Kingsford, Anthony Defries
Vol 69, No 4 (2005) Distribution and abundance of snipefish (Macroramphosus spp.) off Portugal (1998-2003) Abstract  PDF
Victor Marques, Corina Chaves, Alexandre Morais, Fatima Cardador, Yorgos Stratoudakis
Vol 72, No 2 (2008) Distribution and abundance of early life stages of Sardina pilchardus in the Gulf of Tunis (Central Mediterranean Sea) in relation to environmental and biological factors Abstract  PDF
Rafik Zarrad, Hechmi Missaoui, Francisco Alemany, Asma Hamza, Mohamed Salah Romdhane, Alberto García, Othman Jarboui, Ridha M’rabet
Vol 74, No S1 (2010) Toxic effect of copper on marine picophytoplankton populations isolated from different geographic locations Abstract  PDF
Bibiana Debelius, Jesús M. Forja, Ángel DelValls, Luis M. Lubián
Vol 68, No S1 (2004) Distribution of charophyte species in Estonian coastal water (NE Baltic Sea) Abstract  PDF
Kaire Torn, Georg Martin, Henn Kukk, Tiiu Trei
Vol 70, No S3 (2006) Biodiversity and biogeographic relationships of the polychaete fauna in French Atlantic and Mediterranean waters Abstract  PDF
Jean-Claude Dauvin, Guy Bachelet, Gerard Bellan
Vol 67, No S2 (2003) Nesting seabirds in SE Spain: distribution, numbers and trends in the province of Almería Abstract  PDF
Mariano Paracuellos, Juan Carlos Nevado
Vol 68, No S1 (2004) Distribution of Calanus spp. as determined using a genetic identification system Abstract  PDF
Penelope K. Lindeque, Rober P. Harris, Malcolm B. Jones, Gary R. Smerdon
Vol 64, No S1 (2000) Environmental patterns and biomass distribution of gelatinous macrozooplankton. Three study cases in the South-western Atlantic Ocean Abstract  PDF
H. W. Mianzan, R. A. Guerrero
Vol 70, No S3 (2006) Spatial distribution of soft-bottom polychaete annelids in the Ensenada de Baiona (Ría de Vigo, Galicia, north-west Spain) Abstract  PDF
Juan Moreira, Patricia Quintas, Jesús S. Troncoso
Vol 67, No S2 (2003) Geographical patterns of seabird attendance to a research trawler along the Iberian Mediterranean coast Abstract  PDF
Pere Abelló, José Manuel Arcos, Luis Gil Sola
Vol 62, No 4 (1998) Distribution patterns and feeding success of anchovy, Engraulis anchoita, larvae off southern Brazil Abstract  PDF
Marcelo Cunha Vasconcellos, Katia Felizola Freire, Jorge Pablo Castello
Vol 68, No S1 (2004) Thraustochytrids (fungoid protist): an unexplored component of marine sediment microbiota Abstract  PDF
Lucia Bongiorni, Lucrezia Pignataro, Giovanni Santangelo
Vol 64, No S1 (2000) Life in tidepools: distribution and abundance of two crawling hydromedusae, Staurocladia oahuensis and S. bilateralis, on a rocky intertidal shore in Kominato, central Japan Abstract  PDF
Yayoi M. Hirano, Yoshuiaki J. Hirano, Mayumi Yamada
Vol 70, No S3 (2006) Sewage-induced disturbance on polychaetes inhabiting intertidal mussel beds of Brachidontes rodriguezii off Mar del Plata (SW Atlantic, Argentina). Abstract  PDF
Rodolfo Elías, María S. Rivero, Julieta R. Palacios, Eduardo A. Vallarino
Vol 67, No S2 (2003) Recent changes in the summer distribution of the Balearic shearwater Puffinus mauretanicus off western France Abstract  PDF
Pierre Yésou
Vol 63, No S1 (1999) The benthic decapod fauna in the channels and fjords along the South Patagonian Icefield, Southern Chile Abstract  PDF
Erika Mutschke, Matthias Gorny
Vol 68, No 2 (2004) Benthic decapod crustaceans associated with captures of Munida spp. (Decapoda: Anomura) in the Beagle Channel, Argentina Abstract  PDF
Patricia Pérez Barros, Federico Tapella, M. Carolina Romero, Javier A. Calagno, Gustavo A. Lovrich
Vol 70, No S3 (2006) New systematic results based on chaetal hard structures in Mesochaetopterus (Polychaeta) Abstract  PDF
Michel Bhaud, Byoung-Seoul Koh, Daniel Martín
Vol 63, No S1 (1999) Species composition and distribution of decapod crustaceans in the waters off Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, South America Abstract  PDF
Wolf E. Arntz, Matthias Gorny, Raul Soto, Marco A. Lardies, Marco Retamal, Ingo S. Wehrtmann
Vol 68, No 1 (2004) Zonation patterns of benthic communities in an upwelling area from the western Medierranean (La Herradura, Alboran Sea) Abstract  PDF
Emma Cebrián, Enric Ballesteros
Vol 70, No S1 (2006) Changes in occurrence and abundance of northern / southern flatfishes over a 20-year period in a coastal nursery area (Bay of Vilaine) and on the eastern continental shelf of the Bay of Biscay Abstract  PDF
Yves Désaunay, Daniel Guérault, Olivier Le Pape, Jean-Charles Poulard
Vol 63, No S1 (1999) Polychaetes of the soft bottoms of the Straits of Magellan collected during the Italian oceanographic cruise in February-March 1991 Abstract  PDF
María Cristina Gambi, Simone Mariani
Vol 69, No S2 (2005) On the distribution of decapod crustaceans from the Magellan Biogeographic Province and the Antarctic region Abstract  PDF
Enrique E. Boschi, María A. Gavio
Vol 64, No 1 (2000) Systematics and distribution of cumaceans collected during BENTAR-95 cruise around South Shetland Islands (Antarctica) Abstract  PDF
J. Corbera
Vol 67, No 2 (2003) Vertical distribution and abundance of juvenile cephalopods in Aegean Sea Abstract  PDF
Alp Salman, Tuncer Katagan, H. Avni Benli
Vol 63, No S1 (1999) Biogeographical distribution of the benthic thecate hydroids collected during the Spanish Antartida 8611 expedition and comparison between Antarctic and Magellan benthic hydroid faunas Abstract  PDF
A. L. Peña Cantero, A. M. García Carrascosa
Vol 69, No S2 (2005) Species richness and faunistic affinities of the Gammaridea and Corophiidea (Amphipoda) from shallow waters of southern Tierra del Fuego, Argentina: preliminary results Abstract  PDF
Ignacio Luis Chiesa, Gloria María Alonso, Diego Gabriel Zelaya
Vol 66, No S2 (2002) Geographical patterns in abundance and population structure of Nephrops norvegicus and Parapenaeus longirostris (Crustacea: Decapoda) along the European Mediterranean coasts Abstract  PDF
Pere Abelló, Álvaro Abella, Angeliki Adamidou, Stjepan Jukic-Peladic, Porzia Maiorano, María Teresa Spedicato
Vol 67, No 1 (2003) Spiochaetopterus creoceanae, a new species of Chaetopteridae (Polychaeta) from the Persian Gulf belonging to the costarum complex Abstract  PDF
Michel Bhaud, Daniel Martin, Joao Gil
Vol 63, No S1 (1999) The megazoobenthos of the Scotia Arc islands Abstract  PDF
Ana Ramos
Vol 69, No S2 (2005) Distribution patterns of Chilean shallow-water sea anemones (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Actiniaria, Corallimorpharia); with a discussion of the taxonomic and zoogeographic relationships between the actinofauna of the South East Pacific, the South West Atlantic and the Antarctic Abstract  PDF
Verena Häussermann, Günter Försterra
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