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Vol 72, No 1 (2008) Meiofauna and nematode diversity in some Mediterranean subtidal areas of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea Abstract   PDF
Cristiana de Leonardis, Roberto Sandulli, Jan Vanaverbeke, Magda Vicx, Susanna de Zio
Vol 63, No S1 (1999) Meiofauna communities from the Straits of Magellan and the Beagle Channel Abstract   PDF
G. C. Chen, R. L. Herman, M. Vincx
Vol 74, No 2 (2010) Meiofauna communities in exposed sandy beaches on the Galician coast (NW Spain), six months after the Prestige oil spill: the role of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) Abstract   PDF
Puri Veiga, Celia Besteiro, Marcos Rubal
Vol 73, No S2 (2009) Mercury, cadmium and lead in black scabbardfish (Aphanopus carbo Lowe, 1839) from mainland Portugal and the Azores and Madeira archipelagos Abstract   PDF
Valentina Costa, Helena Maria Lourenço, Ivone Figueiredo, Lucília Carvalho, Humberto Lopes, Inês Farias, Luís Pires, Cláudia Afonso, Ana Rita Vieira, Maria Leonor Nunes, Leonel Serrano Gordo
Vol 69, No S2 (2005) Mesoscale eddies in the Subantarctic Front-Southwest Atlantic Abstract   PDF
Pablo D. Glorioso, Alberto R. Piola, Robert R. Leben
Vol 70, No S1 (2006) Mesoscale hydrological variability induced by northwesterly wind on the French continental shelf of the Bay of Biscay Abstract   PDF
Ingrid Puillat, Pascal Lazure, Anne-Marie Jegou, Luis Lampert, Peter Miller
Vol 65, No S1 (2001) Mesoscale structures viewed by SAR and AVHRR near the Canary islands Abstract   PDF
E. D. Barton, P. Flament, H. Dodds, E. G. Mitchelson-Jacob
Vol 69, No S2 (2005) Mesozooplankton assemblages in two bays in the Beagle Channel (Argentina) during January, 2001 Abstract   PDF
Melisa Daiana Fernández-Severini, Monica Susana Hoffmeyer
Vol 63, No S1 (1999) Mesozooplankton communities in the Magellan region Abstract   PDF
Katjia Defren-Janson, Sigrid B. Schnack-Schiel, Claudio Ritcher
Vol 66, No 3 (2002) Mesozooplankton features in a frontal area off northern Patagonia (Argentina) during spring 1995 and 1998 Abstract   PDF
Marina Sabatini, Patricia Martos
Vol 67, No 2 (2003) Metabolic changes and compositional shifts in nutrient-enriched tropical reef sediment communities Abstract   PDF
Romeo M. Dizon, Helen T. Yap
Vol 68, No S1 (2004) Metabolic CO2 production in the Mediterranean Sea: A case study for estimating carbon budget in the sea Abstract   PDF
Rosabruna La Ferla, Maurizio Azzaro
Vol 72, No 1 (2008) Metal speciation in surface sediments of the Vigo Ria (NW Iberian Peninsula) Abstract   PDF
María Jesús Belzunce Segarra, Ricardo Prego, M. Jeff Wilson, Jeff Bacon, Juan Santos-Echeandía
Vol 65, No 3 (2001) Metazoan parasites of grey mullets (Teleostea: Mugilidae) from the Mistras Lagoon (Sardinia - western Mediterranean) Abstract   PDF
Paolo Merella, Giovanni Garippa
Vol 62, No S1 (1998) Methodological considerations concerning the use of length frequency analysis for growth studies in the Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus (L.) Abstract   PDF
Margarida Castro, Chryssi Mytilineou, Paula Gancho
Vol 65, No S1 (2001) Methodology to obtain accurate sea surface temperature from locally received NOAA-14 data in the Canary-Azores-Gibraltar area Abstract   PDF
Francisco Eugenio, J. Marcello, A. Hernández-Guerra, E. Rovaris
Vol 69, No S1 (2005) Methods of sampling and analysis and our concepts of ocean dynamics Abstract   PDF
Peter J. Wangersky
Vol 80, No S1 (2016) Microfouling communities from pelagic and benthic marine plastic debris sampled across Mediterranean coastal waters Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Mercedes Masó, José Manuel Fortuño, Silvia de Juan, Montserrat Demestre
Vol 75, No 2 (2011) Microhabitat segregation and physiological differences in two species of intertidal porcellanid crabs (Genus Petrolisthes) on the southern coast of Chile Abstract   PDF
Marcelo E. Lagos, José L. Muñoz, Daniela A. Contreras, Cristian W. Cáceres
Vol 69, No 3 (2005) Microplankton composition, production and upwelling dynamics in Sagres (SW Portugal) during summer of 2001 Abstract   PDF
Sofia Loureiro, Alice Newton, John D. Icely
Vol 83, No 4 (2019) Microplastics in wild mussels (Mytilus spp.) from the north coast of Spain Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Pablo Reguera, Lucía Viñas, Jesús Gago
Vol 67, No 4 (2003) Microsatellite variation in the Mexican rockfish Sebastes macdonaldi Abstract   PDF
Axayácatl Rocha-Olivares, Raul A. Leal-Navarro, Karol Kimbrell, Eric A. Lynn, Russell D. Vetter
Vol 76, No 3 (2012) Miquel Massutí Oliver (1930-2012) Details   PDF
Pere Oliver
Vol 82, No S1 (2018) Mitigating unwanted catches in the southern Iberian hake stock fisheries: Improving fishing technology vs market control policies Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
José María Da-Rocha, Javier García-Cutrín, María José Gutiérrez
Vol 79, No 4 (2015) Mitochondrial DNA evidences reflect an incipient population structure in Atlantic goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara, Epinephelidae) in Brazil Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Júnio S. Damasceno, Raquel Siccha-Ramirez, Millke J.A. Morales, Claudio Oliveira, Rodrigo A. Torres, Edvaldo N. Costa, Gláucia C. Silva-Oliveira, Marcelo Vallinoto, Leonardo F. Machado, Vander C. Tosta, Ana Paula C. Farro, Maurício Hostim-Silva
Vol 78, No 1 (2014) Mitochondrial DNA markers of loggerhead marine turtles (Caretta caretta) (Testudines: Cheloniidae) nesting at Kyparissia Bay, Greece, confirm the western Greece unit and regional structuring Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Carlos Carreras, ALan F. Rees, Annette C. Broderick, Brendan J. Godley, Dimitris Margaritoulis
Vol 72, No 3 (2008) Mitochondrial DNA reveals regional and interregional importance of the central Mediterranean African shelf for loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) Abstract   PDF
Paolo Casale, Daniela Freggi, Paolo Gratton, Roberto Argano, Marco Oliverio
Vol 76, No S1 (2012) Mixing dynamics on the inner shelf of the Ebro Delta Abstract   PDF
Imma Bastida, Jesús Planella, Elena Roget, Jorge Guillén, Pere Puig, Xavier Sánchez
Vol 78, No 3 (2014) Mobile epifaunal assemblages associated with Cystoseira beds: comparison between areas invaded and not invaded by Lophocladia lallemandii Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Roberto Bedini, Lisa Bonechi, Luigi Piazzi
Vol 69, No 4 (2005) Modeling artisanal coastal fisheries of Galicia (NW Spain) based on data obtained from fishers: the case of Octopus vulgaris Abstract   PDF
Jaime Otero, Francisco Rocha, Ángel F. González, Joaquín Gracia, Ángel Guerra
Vol 68, No S1 (2004) Modeling physiological processes in plankton on enzyme kinetic principles Abstract   PDF
Ted Packard, Dolors Blasco, Marta Estrada
Vol 67, No S1 (2003) Modelling and forecasting monthly swordfish catches in the Eastern Mediterranean Abstract   PDF
Konstantinos I. Stergiou, George Tserpes, Panagiota Peristeraki
Vol 67, No 4 (2003) Modelling of the Ebro River plume. Validation with field observations Abstract   PDF
Marc Mestres, Joan Pau Sierra, Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla, Julio González del Río, Thomas Wolf, Andres Rodríguez, Sylvain Ouillon
Vol 70, No 4 (2006) Modelling small-scale coastal fisheries of Galicia (NW Spain) based on data obtained from fisheries: the case of Sepia officinalis Abstract   PDF
Francisco Rocha, Jaime Otero, Raquel Outeiral, Ángel F. González, Joaquín Gracia, Ángel Guerra
Vol 83, No S1 (2019) Modelling spatio-temporal patterns of fish community size structure across the northern Mediterranean Sea: an analysis combining MEDITS survey data with environmental and anthropogenic drivers Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Isabella Bitetto, Giovanni Romagnoni, Angeliki Adamidou, Gregoire Certain, Manfredi Di Lorenzo, Marilena Donnaloia, Giuseppe Lembo, Porzia Maiorano, Giacomo Milisenda, Claudia Musumeci, Francesc Ordines, Paola Pesci, Panagiota Peristeraki, Ana Pesic, Maria Teresa Spedicato
Vol 70, No 4 (2006) Modelling the effect of temperature on hatching and settlement patterns of meroplanktonic organisms: the case of octopus Abstract   PDF
Stelios Katsanevakis, George Verriopoulos
Vol 82, No S1 (2018) Modelling the effects of more selective trawl nets on the productivity of European hake (Merluccius merluccius) and deep-water rose shrimp (Parapenaeus longirostris) stocks in the Strait of Sicily Abstract   HTML   PDF   HTML
Sergio Vitale, Marco Enea, Giacomo Milisenda, Vita Gancitano, Michele Luca Geraci, Fabio Falsone, Gioacchino Bono, Fabio Fiorentino, Francesco Colloca
Vol 81, No 1 (2017) Modelling the occurrence of postflexion stages of a marine estuarine-dependent fish in temperate South African estuaries Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Yanasivan Kisten, Nadine A. Strydom, Renzo Perissinotto, Sourav Paul
Vol 75, No 4 (2011) Modelling the sequential geographical exploitation and potential collapse of marine fisheries through economic globalization, climate change and management alternatives Abstract   PDF
Gorka Merino, Manuel Barange, Lynda Rodwell, Christian Mullon
Vol 77, No 3 (2013) Modelling the spatio-temporal distribution of age-1 Bay of Biscay anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) at spawning time Abstract   PDF
Leire Ibaibarriaga, Andrés Uriarte, Urtzi Laconcha, Miguel Bernal, María Santos, Marina Chifflet, Xabier Irigoien
Vol 68, No 4 (2004) Models describing mackerel (Scomber scombrus) early life growth in the North and Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula in 2000 Abstract   PDF
Begoña Villamor, Miguel Bernal, Carmen Hernández
Vol 80, No 2 (2016) Modulation of gregarious settlement of the stalked barnacle, Pollicipes pollicipes: a laboratory study Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Sofia C. Franco, Nick Aldred, Teresa Cruz, Anthony S. Clare
Vol 69, No 4 (2005) Molecular validation of the specific status of Parablennius sanguinolentus and Parablennius parvicornis (Pisces: Blenniidae) Abstract   PDF
Federico Almada, Vitor Carvalho Almada, Vera Domingues, Alberto Brito, Ricardo Serrao Santos
Vol 78, No 4 (2014) Mollusca from a species-rich deep-water Leptometra community in the Alboran Sea Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Serge Gofas, Carmen Salas, José Luis Rueda, Jesús Canoura, Carlos Farias, Juan Gil
Vol 63, No S1 (1999) Mollusca of the Magellan Region. A checklist of the species and their distribution Abstract   PDF
Katrin Linse
Vol 70, No 4 (2006) Molluscan diversity along a Mediterranean soft bottom sublittoral ecotone Abstract   PDF
Panayota Koulouri, Costas Dounas, Christos Arvanitidis, Drosos Koutsoubas, Anastasios Eleftheriou
Vol 84, No 3 (2020) Molluscs from benthic habitats of the Gazul mud volcano (Gulf of Cádiz) Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Olga Utrilla, Serge Gofas, Javier Urra, Pablo Marina, Ángel Mateo-Ramírez, Nieves López-González, Emilio González-García, Carmen Salas, José Luis Rueda
Vol 62, No S1 (1998) Molt pattern identification through gastrolith examination on Nephrops norvegicus (L.) in the Mediterranean Sea Abstract   PDF
Maria Emilia Gramitto
Vol 76, No 3 (2012) Monitoring the Northern Current in the Gulf of Lions with an observing system simulation experiment Abstract   PDF
Aurélie Duchez, Jacques Verron, Jean-Michel Brankart, Yann Ourmières, Philippe Fraunié
Vol 73, No 4 (2009) Monochromatic blue light entrains diel activity cycles in the Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus (L.) as measured by automated video-image analysis Abstract   PDF
Jacopo Aguzzi, Corrado Costa, Paolo Menesatti, José Antonio García, Juan José Chiesa, Francesc Sardà
Vol 80, No S1 (2016) Morphological adaptations to small size in the marine diatom Minidiscus comicus Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
David Jewson, Akira Kuwata, Lluïsa Cros, José Manuel Fortuño, Marta Estrada
Vol 72, No 2 (2008) Morphological characteristics of five bycatch sharks caught by southern Chilean demersal longline fisheries Abstract   PDF
Andrea Valenzuela, Carlos Bustamante, Julio Lamilla
Vol 73, No 4 (2009) Morphological variability, spatial distribution and abundance of Helicostomella species (Ciliophora: Tintinnina) in relation to environmental factors (Argentine shelf; 40-55°S) Abstract   PDF
Luciana F. Santoferrara, Viviana A. Alder
Vol 73, No 2 (2009) Morphological variation and a remarkable new sexual dimorphism in the Pseudocyclops xiphophorus population of Lake Faro in northeastern Sicily Abstract   PDF
Cinzia Brugnano, Geoffrey A. Boxshall, Giuseppe Costanzo, Giacomo Zagami
Vol 64, No S1 (2000) Morphology and distribution of a deep-water Narcomedusa (Solmarisidae) from the northeast Pacific Abstract   PDF
Mary Needler Arai, Michael J. Cavey, Beverley A. Moore
Vol 68, No 1 (2004) Morphology and LPS content for the estimation of marine bacterioplankton biomass in the Ionian Sea Abstract   PDF
Rosabruna La Ferla, Angelina Lo Giudice, Giovanna Maimone
Vol 70, No 1 (2006) Morphology and rDNA phylogeny of a Mediterranean Coolia monotis (Dinophyceae) strain from Greece Abstract   PDF
Nicolas P. Dolapsakis, Michael W. Kilpatrick, Athena Economou-Amilli, Triantafyllos Tafas
Vol 73, No 3 (2009) Morphology of the female reproductive system of the red-clawed mangrove tree crab (Goniopsis cruentata Latreille, 1803) Abstract   PDF
Leonardo Peres de Souza, José Roberto Feitosa Silva
Vol 70, No 2 (2006) Morphology of the first zoeal stage of Portunus acuminatus, Stimpson, 1871 (Decapoda: Portunidae: Portuninae) reared in the laboratory Abstract   PDF
Ronald Meyer, Ingo S. Wehrtmann, Roland R. Melzer
Vol 77, No 2 (2013) Morphology of the larval stages of a Mediterranean population of the allochthonous Say’s mud crab, Dyspanopeus sayi (Decapoda: Brachyura: Panopeidae) Abstract   PDF
Elena Marco-Herrero, Guillermo Guerao, José A. Cuesta
Vol 65, No 1 (2001) Morphometric diversity of the pulmonate limpet Siphonaria lessoni in different coastal environments Abstract   PDF
Alejandro Tablado, Juan López Gappa
Vol 68, No 2 (2004) Morphometry, growth and reproduction of an Atlantic population of the razor clam Ensis macha (Molina, 1782) Abstract   PDF
Pedro J. Barón, Luciano E. Real, Néstor F. Ciocco, María E. Ré
Vol 73, No 3 (2009) Movement patterns of the spiny lobster Palinurus elephas (Fabricius, 1787) from a central western Mediterranean protected area Abstract   PDF
Maria Cristina Follesa, Danila Cuccu, Rita Cannas, Andrea Sabatini, Anna Maria Deiana, Angelo Cau
Vol 75, No 4 (2011) Movements of three large coastal predatory fishes in the northeast Atlantic: a preliminary telemetry study Abstract   PDF
Pablo Pita, Juan Freire
Vol 76, No 1 (2012) MtDNA and nuclear data reveal patterns of low genetic differentiation for the isopods Stenosoma lancifer and Stenosoma acuminatum, with low dispersal ability along the northeast Atlantic coast Abstract   PDF
Raquel Xavier, António Murias Santos, Madalena Branco
Vol 70, No S2 (2006) MtDNA barcode identification of fish larvae in the southern Great Barrier Reef – Australia Abstract   PDF
Graham G. Pegg, Billy Sinclair, Leica Briskey, William J. Aspden
Vol 72, No 3 (2008) Mudflat nekton assemblages in the Tagus estuary (Portugal): distribution and feeding patterns Abstract   PDF
Susana França, Miguel A. Pardal, Henrique N. Cabral
Vol 76, No S1 (2012) Multiparametric analysis and validation in the western Mediterranean of three global OGCM hindcasts Abstract   PDF
Enrique Vidal-Vijande, Ananda Pascual, Bernard Barnier, Jean Marc Molines, Nicolas Ferry, Joaquín Tintore
Vol 81, No 1 (2017) Multi-scale analysis of hermatypic coral assemblages at Mexican Central Pacific Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Joicye Hernández-Zulueta, Fabián A. Rodríguez-Zaragoza, Rubén Araya, Ofelia Vargas-Ponce, Alma P. Rodríguez-Troncoso, Amílcar L. Cupul-Magaña, Leopoldo Díaz-Pérez, Eduardo Ríos-Jara, Marco Ortiz
Vol 69, No S2 (2005) Muscle growth in Antarctic and Subantarctic notothenioid fishes Abstract   PDF
Daniel Alfredo Fernández, Jorge Calvo, Ian Alistair Johnston
Vol 66, No 3 (2002) Nanoplankton protists from the western Mediterranean Sea. I. Occurrence, ultrastructure, taxonomy and ecological role of the mixotrophic flagellate Ollicola vangoorii (Chrysomonadidae = Chrysophyceae p.p.) Abstract   PDF
Gianfranco Novarino, Emilia Oliva, Blanca Pérez-Uz
Vol 69, No 1 (2005) Nanoplankton protists from the western Mediterranean Sea. II. Cryptomonads (Cryptophyceae = Crptomonadea) Abstract   PDF
Gianfranco Novarino
Vol 65, No S2 (2001) Natural History: the sense of wonder, creativity and progress in ecology Abstract   PDF
Paul K. Dayton, Enric Sala
Vol 80, No 2 (2016) Natural mortality of three commercial penaeid shrimps (Litopenaeus vannamei, L. stylirostris and Farfantepenaeus californiensis) of the Gulf of California using gnomonic time divisions Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Fernando Aranceta-Garza, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez, Germán Ponce-Díaz, Juan Carlos Seijo
Vol 64, No S1 (2000) Nerve net differentiation in medusa development of Podocoryne carnea Abstract   PDF
Hans Gröger, Volker Schmid
Vol 67, No S2 (2003) Nesting seabirds in SE Spain: distribution, numbers and trends in the province of Almería Abstract   PDF
Mariano Paracuellos, Juan Carlos Nevado
Vol 65, No 4 (2001) New Antarctic records of Herpyllobius Steenstrup and Lütken, 1861 (parasitic Copepoda) from the EASIZ-III cruise, with description of two new species Abstract   PDF
Pablo J. López-González, José Bresciani
Vol 70, No 4 (2006) New contribution to the reproductive features of bluemouth Helicolenus dactylopterus dactylopterus from northeast Atlantic (Azores Archipelago) Abstract   PDF
Ana Mendonça, Eduardo Isidro, Gui Menezes, Mário Rui Pinho, Octávio Melo, Susana Estácio
Vol 72, No 3 (2008) New data on Gaidropsarus granti (Regan, 1903) (Gadiformes: Lotidae) from the Mediterranean Sea, with emphasis on its parasites Abstract   PDF
Antonio Pais, Paolo Merella, Maria Cristina Follesa, Giovanni Garippa, Daniel Golani
Vol 76, No 1 (2012) New data on the distribution and size composition of the North Pacific spiny dogfish Squalus suckleyi (Girard, 1854) Abstract   PDF
Alexei M. Orlov, Vadim F. Savinykh, Eugeny F. Kulish, Dmitry V. Pelenev
Vol 62, No 1-2 (1998) New data on the occurrence of Pontinus kuhlii (Bowdich, 1825)(Osteichthyes: Scorpaenidae) in the Western Mediterranean Abstract   PDF
Paolo Merella, Francesc Alemany, Amalia Grau
Vol 70, No 2 (2006) New genus, three new species and new records of Herpyllobiidae Hansen, 1892 (Crustacea, Copepoda) parasites of polychaetes from Antarctica Abstract   PDF
Pablo J. López-González, José Bresciani, Mercedes Conradi
Vol 73, No 3 (2009) New insights into the early life ecology of Sardina pilchardus (Walbaum, 1792) in the northern Iberian Atlantic Abstract   PDF
Sandra Ramos, Pedro Ré, Adriano A. Bordalo
Vol 76, No 2 (2012) New insights into the morphology, reproduction and distribution of the large-tuberculate octopus Graneledone macrotyla from the Patagonian slope Abstract   PDF
Ángel Guerra, Álvaro Roura, Maria Pilar Sieiro, Julio M. Portela, José Luis del Río
Vol 63, No S1 (1999) New localities for Crustacea Decapoda in the Magellan region, southern South America Abstract   PDF
Julio H. Vinuesa, Gustavo A. Lovrich, Federico Tapella
Vol 64, No S1 (2000) New observations and corrections concerning the trio of invasive hydromedusae Maeotias marginata (=M. inexpectata), Blackfordia virginica, and Moreisia sp. in the San Francisco Estuary Abstract   PDF
Claudia Mills, John T. Rees
Vol 68, No S3 (2004) New records of deep-water teleost fish in the Balearic Sea and Ionian Sea (Mediterranean Sea) Abstract   PDF
Gianfranco d'Onghia, Domingo Lloris, Chrissi-Yianna Politou, Letizia Sion, John Dokos
Vol 63, No S1 (1999) New records of Morid fishes (Teleostei: Gadiformes) from the southermost tip of South America Abstract   PDF
Roberto Meléndez, Germán Pequeño
Vol 65, No 1 (2001) New records of Pennatulacea (Anthozoa: Octocorallia) from the African Atlantic coast, with description of a new species and a zoogeographic analysis Abstract   PDF
Pablo J. López-González, Josep María Gili, Gary C. Williams
Vol 84, No 3 (2020) New records of seaweeds and filamentous cyanobacteria from Trindade Island: an updated checklist to support conservation guidelines and monitoring of environmental changes in the southern Atlantic archipelagos Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Franciane Pellizzari, Vanessa Sayuri Osaki, Michelle C. Santos-Silva
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