Forthcoming Articles

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Age, growth and mortality of Sciaena umbra (Sciaenidae) in the Gulf of Tunis
Inès Chater, Ahlem Romdhani-Dhahri, Jean Louis Dufour, Kélig Mahé, Nadia Chakroun-Marzouk
Characterization of a resilient seagrass meadow during a decline period
Bárbara Ondiviela, Lina Fernández, Araceli Puente, Gerardo García-Castrillo, José A. Juanes
From paper to practice: an initial approach to implementation of the environmental monitoring plan for fish farming proposed by JACUMAR
Elena Martinez-Garcia, Victoria Fernandez-Gonzalez, Felipe Aguado-Giménez, José Luis Sánchez-Lizaso, Pablo Sanchez-Jerez
Competition for food between the Mediterranean shag, the great cormorant and artisanal fisheries: a case study
Felipe Aguado-Giménez, Sergio Eguía-Martínez, Irene Torres-Campos, Santiago Meroño-García, Jacinto Martínez-Ródenas
Symbiotic relationship between the carapid fish Onuxodon fowleri (Ophidiiformes: Carapidae) and the pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Pteriidae)
Orphal Colleye, Loïc Kéver, Gilles Lepoint, David Lecchini, Eric Parmentier
Overview on the distribution of gorgonian species in Tunisian marine coastal waters (central Mediterranean)
Raouia Ghanem, Emna Soufi Kechaou, Jamila Ben Souissi, Joaquim Garrabou
Are the RNA:DNA ratio and dry-weight-at-length suitable growth proxies for brown shrimps (Crangon crangon)?
Marc Hufnagl, Axel Temming