Vol 62, No 1-2 (1998)


Table of Contents


Polychate distribution, diversity and seasonality related to seagrass cover in shallow bottoms of the Tyrrenian Sea (Italy)
María Cristina Gambi, Gabriella Conti, Claudia S. Bremec
Assessment of the Aphia minuta stock (Pisces: Gobiidae) by acoustic methods from the Bay of Alcudia (Mallorca, western Mediterranean
M. Iglesias, J. Miquel
Characterization and cartography of some Mediterranean soft-bottom benthic communities (Ligurian Sea, Italy)
A. Somaschini, N. Martini, M. F. Gravina, A. Belluscio, F. Corsi, G. D. Ardizzone
Acoustic estimation of abundance and distribution of anchovy in the NW Mediterranean
R. Abad, M. Miquel, M. Iglesias, F. Álvarez
Design and development of SPONGIA, an expert system for sponges identification
M. Domingo, M. J. Uriz
Recruitment, growth, mortality and orientation patterns of Balanus trigonus (Crustacea: Cirripedia) during succession on fouling plates
Camilo B Garcia, Iovana Moreno
Description of two new species of microcotiloids, monogenean parasites in marine fish from the north eastern cost of Venezuela
José Luis Fuentes Zambrano
Some aspects of the biology of Todarodes sagittatus (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) from the Balearic Sea (Western Mediterranean)
Antoni Quetglas, Francesc Alemany, Aina Carbonell, Paolo Merella, Pilar Sánchez
Abundance and production of pelagic bacteria in the southern Bay of Biscay during summer
Susana Barquero, J. Alfonso Botas, Antonio Bode
Observations on the burrows and burrowing behaviour of Brachynotus gemmellari and on the burrows of several other species occurring on Squilla grounds off Ancona, Central Adriatic
R. J.A. Atkinson, C. Froglia, E. Arneri, B. Antolini
Cumaceans (Crustacea) of the Medes Islands (Catalonia, Spain) with special attention to the genera Bodotria and Iphione
Jordi Corbera, Antoni García-Rubies
Origin and biogeography of the deep-water Mediterranean Hydromedusae including the description of two new species collected in submarine canyons of Northwestern Mediterranean
J. M. Gili, J. Bouillon, F. Pages, A. Palanques, P. Puig, S. Heussner
A new species of Krampella (Hydrozoa, Hydroidomedusae, Tiarannidae) from the deep waters of Antikythira Strait (Cretan Sea, North East Mediterranean)
Josep María Gili, Jean Bouillon, Francesc Pages
Biochemical genetics in the Argentinean squid, Illex argentinus
B. Jérez, M. I. Roldan, C. Pla
Size and age at onset of sexual maturity of female Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus L. (Crustacea: Nephropidae) in the Strait of Sicily (Central Mediterranean Sea)
Marco L. Bianchini, Lucio Di Stefano, Sergio Ragonese
Theoretical limits of oxygen:carbon and oxygen:nitrogen ratios during photosynthesis and mineralisation of organic matter in the sea
F. Fraga, A. F. Ríos, F. F. Pérez, F. G. Figueiras
A modelling approach to the Redfield ratio deviations in the ocean
A. F. Ríos, F. Fraga, F. G. Figueiras, F. F. Pérez


New data on the occurrence of Pontinus kuhlii (Bowdich, 1825)(Osteichthyes: Scorpaenidae) in the Western Mediterranean
Paolo Merella, Francesc Alemany, Amalia Grau
First record of larval stages of Coryphaena hippurus (Pisces: Coryphaenidae) in the Mediterranean Sea
Francesc Alemany, Enric Massutí