Vol 69, No 3 (2005)


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Microplankton composition, production and upwelling dynamics in Sagres (SW Portugal) during summer of 2001
Sofia Loureiro, Alice Newton, John D. Icely
First report of a species of Prasiola (Chlorophyta: Prasiolacea) from the Mediterranean Sea (Lagoon of Venice)
Chiara Motti, Daniele Curiel, Andrea Rismondo, Giorgio Bellemo, Chiara Dri, Emiliano Checchin, Mara Marzocchi
Effects of changing seawater temperature on photosynthesis and calcification in the scleractinian coral Galaxea fascicularis, measured with O2, Ca2+ and pH microsensors
Fuad A. Al-Horani
The complete larval development of Eurypanopeus canalensis Abele and Kim, 1989 (Crustacea: Brachyura: Panopeidae) described from laboratory reared material
Marcelo U. García-Guerrero, Antonio Rodríguez, José A. Cuesta, Michel E. Hendrickx
Temporal modification in cardiac rhythmicity of Nephrops norvegicus (Crustacea: Decapoda) in relation to trawl capture stress
Jacopo Aguzzi, Juan Chiesa, Pere Abelló, Antoni Diez-Noguera
Burying behaviour of two sympatric crab species: Cancer magister and Cancer productus
Iain J. McGaw
Aspects of female reproductive biology of the orange-back squid, Sthenoteuthis pteropus (Steenstup) (Oegopsina: Ommastrephidae) in the eastern tropical Atlantic
Vladimir V. Laptikhovsky, Chingis M. Nigmatullin
Age, growth, mortality, reproduction and feeding habits of the striped seabream, Lithognathus mormyrus (Pisces: Sparidae) in the coastal waters of the Thracian Sea, Greece
Argyris Kallianiotis, Michele Torre, Anna Argyri
Feeding ecology of Bathyraja macloviana (Rajiformes, Arhynchobatidae): a polychaete-feeding skate from the South-west Atlantic
Ezequiel Mabragaña, Diego Agustín Giberto, Claudia Silvia Bremec
Observations and trends on the intra-annual variation of the fish assemblages on two artificial reefs in Algarve coastal waters (southern Portugal)
Miguel Neves dos Santos, Carlos C. Monteiro, Gerard Lasserre

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Do all ecosystems maximise their distance with respect to thermodynamic equilibrium? A comment on the Ecological Law of Thermodynamics (ELT), proposed by Sven Erik Jørgensen
Rutger de Wit