Scientia Marina, Vol 62, No S1 (1998)

Trawl selectivity studies on Nephrops norvegicus (L.) in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Chryssi Mytilineou
National Centre for Marine Research, Greece

Anna Fourtouni
National Centre for Marine Research, Greece

Chrissi Yianna Politou
National Centre for Marine Research, Greece


The trawl codend selectivity on Nephrops norvegicus was studied using diamond meshes of 16 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm and 26 mm nominal side mesh size. The cover codend method was applied for the sampling. The logistic function for the probability of retention by the codend was used for the estimation of selectivity parameters from all data combined. The results indicated that the 16 mm mesh size was not selective and that almost all individuals were retained. The 24 mm and 26 mm mesh size showed quite similar results and were a little more selective than the 20 mm mesh size. None of the experimental mesh sizes proved to be adequate for N. norvegicus, since all estimated values of length of 50% retention (L50) were lower than the length at first maturity and those of length of 25% retention (L25) were lower than the legislated minimum landing size. It is suggested that mesh size should be much larger than 20 mm, the size legislated by E.U. for the Mediterranean.


Selectivity; trawl; mesh size; Crustacea; Nephrops norvegicus; Norway lobster; Eastern Mediterranean; Greece

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