Scientia Marina, Vol 63, No S1 (1999)

New records of Morid fishes (Teleostei: Gadiformes) from the southermost tip of South America

Roberto Meléndez
Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Santiago, Chile

Germán Pequeño
Instituto de Zoología. Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile


Three species of morid fishes were collected during the Expedition Antarktis XIII/4 of RV "Polarstern" at the southernmost tip of South America, on the slope east of Isla Nueva, Southern Chile (ca. 55ºS), Antimora rostrata (Günther, 1878), Guttigadus kongi (Markle and Meléndez, 1988) and Lepidion ensiferus (Günther, 1887). Representing new records for the above area, all of them were previoulsy recorded from the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonian region.


Moridae; Chile; Southern Ocean

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