Scientia Marina, Vol 63, No S1 (1999)

Abundance and diversity of Mollusca in the Beagle Channel

Katrin Linse
Zoological Institute and Zoological Museum, University of Hamburg, Germany


The malacofauna of the Beagle Channel caught by an epibenthic sledge during the Joint Magellan Victor Hensen Campaign in 1994 was investigated. At 11 locations 16 samples were taken on a transect through the Channel. Species of Aplacophora, Polyplacophora, Gastropoda, Scaphopoda and Bivalvia were identified and quantified. Their horizontal and vertical distribution was described and possible reasons due to their feeding mode discussed. The exact number of specimens collected was 35,084 yielding 107,208 molluscs/ 1000 m2.


Mollusca; abundance; feeding mode; Beagle Channel

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