Scientia Marina, Vol 63, No 3-4 (1999)

Fisheries and biology of Coryphaena hippurus (Pisces: Coryphaenidae) in the Pacific coast of Colombia and Panama

Jairo Lasso
Instituto Nacional de Pesca and Acuicultura (INPA), Colombia

Luis Zapata
Instituto Nacional de Pesca and Acuicultura (INPA), Colombia


The fisheries and biology of the dolphinfish Coryphaena hippurus were studied between August 1994 and December 1996, using data obtained from the fishery fleet that operates in the area known as Panama Bight. The data showed a seasonal pattern of total catches with peaks from December through April and a total catch during three years of 1322.30 t., demonstrating the migratory pattern of the species. Based on the sex ratio (1 male: 0.96 female) and the reproductive index, the migration was spawning related. The diet is based on fishes (Exocoetidae, Scombridae, and Signathidae), mollusks (Loliginidae) and crustaceans (Portunidae). The relationship of fork length (fl) and total weight for the species was modeled based on the equation Wt = 0.0224 x (fl) 2.78 reflecting allometric growth. The frequency histograms showed lengths between 29 and 197 cm of fork length (35 and 238 cm of total length) with a mode around 105 cm and average length of 98.21 cm. The growth parameters were L? = 194 cm, K = 0.91 cm/year and t0 = - 0.1049. Data on C. equiselis, the other species of the same family, are reported.


Fisheries; biology; dolphinfish Coryphaenidae; Pacific Ocean; Colombia; Panama

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