A new species of Marumomysis (Mysidacea: Mysidae: Erythropini) from the benthos of the Bellingshausen Sea (Southern Ocean)


  • Carlos San Vicente




taxonomy, Crustacea, Peracarida, Mysidae, Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica


A new mysid species, Marumomysis Antarctica n. sp., is described from specimens sampled with a suprabenthic sled in the Bellingshausen Sea (Southern Ocean). The new mysid is characterised by the small eyes lacking visual elements and with a long horn projecting anteriodorsally, the trilobate labrum and the shape and armature of the endopod of the uropod and telson. This new species is the first Marumomysis species described from the benthos (1320-1895 m depth) of the Southern Ocean.


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