Scientia Marina, Vol 73, No 3 (2009)

Three new species of the genus Lepechinella (Amphipoda: Gammaridea: Lepechinellidae) collected from Campos Basin slope, RJ, Brazil

Daniela J.P. Sittrop
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/Museu Nacional, Brazil

Cristiana S. Serejo
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/Museu Nacional, Brazil


The genus Lepechinella Stebbing, 1908 has a cosmopolitan distribution and includes 28 species. The three new species of the genus described herein were provided from samples collected from the slope of Campos Basin, as part of the Campos Basin deep-sea environmental project. Samples were taken using a box corer between the depths of 700 and 2000 m. Lepechinella hirsuta n. sp. is characterised by the presence of simple setae on the dorsal midline of the body, an anterior tooth and an anterolateral projection on peraeonite 1; Lepechinella campensis n. sp. has peraeonite 1 dorsally sinuous and a posterior upright tooth on peraeonites 2 to 7; and Lepechinella laurensi n. sp. has peraeonites 1 to 4 dorsally sinuous and a posterior inclined tooth on peraeonites 5 to 7. This study provides full descriptions of these three new species and an identification key for South Atlantic species of the genus Lepechinella.


deep sea; Lepechinella; new species; South Atlantic; Campos Basin; Rio de Janeiro; taxonomy

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